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PARIS, NOVEMBER 22, 2016: (DGW) AS Ondo State gubernatorial election draws near, the All Progressives Congress governorship aspirant , Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, has taken a swipe at the leadership of the party for trying to play God adding that they think they are everything but they will be washed away.
He disclosed this in an interview with The Leadership newspapers headlined 'God is my Godfather' published on November 22, 2016.
In the interview he covered a wide range of issues stating the reasons why he again has decided to run for the office of the governor.
Akeredolu has been having a running battle with the leadership of the party particularly the National Leader , Bola Ahmed Tinubu , whose choice candidate Oke was denied the governorship ticket.
In Akeredolu's reaction, he accused the national leader of anti-party activities by doling out billions of naira to support his candidate who defected to AD ahead of this Saturday's governorship election.
DailyGlobeWatch has compiled some of the best quotes from the interview in shorter figments and present them below:

What has been your experience in the last four to five years since you dabbled into partisan politics?
My experience has been very nice. I have had good relationship with the people of Ondo State because when I ran I knew we had our limitations. I came into a political party that was virtually non-existent in Ondo State and I knew that we had to put everything into it; not only myself, we had many aspirants in ACN – all of us made our contributions in one way or the other but when I became a candidate it became my own sole responsibility to make sure that the ACN is known. It was like rubbing each other; the party and myself.
I was coming up as former president, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). I had that high level of visibility in the country and nobody can deny it. I am proud of my pedigree. The fact that you have risen to that pedestal could assist any political party whatsoever and that lifted the party up.
The votes we garnered in spite of all the riggings was one that the ACN of that time never had one quarter of; or let me be fair to them, they never had a third of it.
So, it has been like that; bringing up a party and being part of that party growing up into APC, which is a bigger party.
My experience has been that people love you – people respect you but there are other low sides of politics that I don’t buy. That is where people get treacherous. Treachery in politics is not one of my ways of life and this is what is happening. And it gets on my nerves as a person that you will see people at the highest level involved in shenanigans and they have no respect for themselves. 

They are treacherous people and cannot be trusted by anybody. It is an unfortunate thing but you see it. Though they will think they are playing politics, they are not playing politics, they are more or less going to destroy themselves at the end of the day and we will watch them.

Politics, to me, is loyalty. Politics should be like a love affair in which whatever it is you love you hold on to it. Friendship is something that you take dearly. It’s been my life but this is not so in politics. This is what I have experienced. People that you think are your friends are the people that will stab you in the back. People you toil for don’t even appreciate it. It is just like people you lay your life down for; you will just be surprised they are the people that will turn their backs against you. I don’t believe it is good experience when I remember what we go through these days and people say it is in the name of politics.
Is that what it is – that they don’t value friendship? Is it politics that you are not loyal to your party? You just mouth it. As if you are everything; people want to play God but they forget they are men with clay feet.
But by the grace of God, I can assure you they will be washed away.
Have you reached out to those that felt aggrieved after your party primary?
I am not sure that there were people that are really aggrieved. We went into a primary, someone emerged from the primary and some of them were suborned. They knew we had free and fair primaries but because people cannot accept defeat they suborned about three of us, encouraged them to file unmeritorious appeal, their appeal was thrown away and yet they do not want to stop at that. They still went ahead to encourage them to involve in anti-party activities.
Yes, one of them did the right thing and went to another party. Fair enough! But there is still one or two others who pretend to still be in the party but they are working against their party’s interest.
So, when you say they are aggrieved, how do you say they are aggrieved? You cannot talk to them any longer. Somebody who has left your party to another party and is being sponsored by leadership of the party in the South-west. It is unfortunate. What do you want to say to those people? You try to appeal to the leadership; you try to send people to them – you don’t do this to your party and they don’t want to hear.
They are spending stupendous amount of money and giving money out. Not in hundreds of millions but in billions because you want to fight your party. So, do you still say those people are aggrieved? They have left. There is nothing we could do. Every other person that believes in the APC has returned to the party.
Almost immediately we won we met with people. Those who believe in the party remained but those who do not have left. Some are still here pretending because they are holding offices in the name of the party and they know that if they go out and say they have decamped to another party they would lose their seat, so they are pretending. So, there is nothing we can do about it. We have tried our best. We have made efforts to see whether we can bring them back to see reason but since they are being propelled from areas that I least expected; people that you took as leaders of the party are the ones encouraging this; they are the ones sponsoring this and they are encouraging anti-party activities. There is nothing anybody can do.
If they want to continue what can we do? We have left everything in the hands of God. That is that on that. So, I don’t believe anybody is aggrieved. Those who have left have left. I am not sure those  encouraging them have not left.

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